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asdf-poetry plugin

2020-02-01 Feed

poetry Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Poetry 1.0.0 was recently released. Most of the python projects that I work on both in and out of work use poetry to manage python dependencies. Since the latest versions introduce breaking changes from pre-1.0, we have to be particularly careful about upgrading our package and project ecosystem to the latest version.

Since it might be tough to upgrade a wide array of projects at once, I figured it would be good to use a plugin for asdf to manage versions of poetry, but none existed. There is an issue on the asdf-plugins repo for poetry, so I went ahead and quickly made one myself.

To install the plugin locally:

asdf plugin-add poetry

From there you should be able to use the standard asdf workflow to set up multiple local versions of poetry and project specific versions. This will be helpful for transitioning a bunch of projects to versions 1.0+.

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