Christopher Flynn

Machine Learning
Systems Architect,
PhD Mathematician

Open Source


Open Source


Chicken Dinner

chicken-dinner Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A PUBG JSON API wrapper and visualization library with a CLI. Generates 2D game replays as HTML5 animations with Python 3 using matplotlib, pillow, and ffmpeg from raw game telemetry data.


workshop Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

skranger Star PyPI PyPIVersions

Scikit-learn compatible Python bindings for ranger C++ random forest library.


forest Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

skgrf Star PyPI PyPIVersions

Scikit-learn compatible Python bindings for grf C++ random forest library.

Sklearn Instrumentation

InstrumentationPhoto by Leonel Fernandez on Unsplash

sklearn-instrumentation Star PyPI PyPIVersions

An instrumentation library for scikit-learn compatible packages and machine learning models.



stochastic Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A python package called stochastic for generating various discrete-time, continuous-time, diffusion, and noise processes in python.

Fractional Brownian Motion

Fractional Brownian motion

fbm Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A small python package called fbm for generating discretely sampled fractional Brownian motion realizations using exact mathematical sampling methods. Also supports approximate methods for generating multifractional Brownian motion.

Celery Slack


celery-slack Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A customizable, open-source Slack messaging extension for the Celery Distributed Task Queue project available as a Python package on pypi/pip.

Databricks DBAPI

Databricks Apache Hive

databricks-dbapi Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A thin wrapper around pyhive for connecting to an interactive Databricks cluster. Also includes a SQLAlchemy dialect for interactive Databricks clusters.

Databricks API


databricks-api Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A thin wrapper around databricks-cli that exposes the underlying Databricks API client with a simplified autogenerated interface.


redisgraph Star githubactions

A RedisGraph client implementation written in Elixir.


asdf-poetry Star githubactions

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

A plugin for version manager tool asdf for the Python package manager, poetry.


soh Star ci

workshop Photo by Thierry Milherou from Pixabay

A CLI tool for developers to assist in common and tedious tasks including (but not limited to) base64 encoding/decoding, getting system information, datetime/epoch conversion, uuid generation, secrets generation, etc.



voting Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A pure python package called voting containing utility functions for disproportionality and diversity measures, electoral seat apportionment, and election quotas.


excoverflow Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A simple python package for adding stackoverflow and google search results links to unhandled exception messages in python. Inspired by this reddit post.