Christopher Flynn

Machine Learning
Systems Architect,
PhD Mathematician

Open Source


Open Source


Chicken Dinner

chicken-dinner Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A PUBG JSON API wrapper and visualization library with a CLI. Generates 2D game replays as HTML5 animations with Python 3 using matplotlib, pillow, and ffmpeg from raw game telemetry data.


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skranger Star PyPI PyPIVersions

Scikit-learn compatible Python bindings for ranger C++ random forest library.

Sklearn Instrumentation

InstrumentationPhoto by Leonel Fernandez on Unsplash

sklearn-instrumentation Star PyPI PyPIVersions

An instrumentation library for scikit-learn compatible packages and machine learning models.



stochastic Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A python package called stochastic for generating various discrete-time, continuous-time, diffusion, and noise processes in python.

Fractional Brownian Motion

Fractional Brownian motion

fbm Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A small python package called fbm for generating discretely sampled fractional Brownian motion realizations using exact mathematical sampling methods. Also supports approximate methods for generating multifractional Brownian motion.

Celery Slack


celery-slack Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A customizable, open-source Slack messaging extension for the Celery Distributed Task Queue project available as a Python package on pypi/pip.

Databricks DBAPI

Databricks Apache Hive

databricks-dbapi Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A thin wrapper around pyhive for connecting to an interactive Databricks cluster. Also includes a SQLAlchemy dialect for interactive Databricks clusters.

Databricks API


databricks-api Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A thin wrapper around databricks-cli that exposes the underlying Databricks API client with a simplified autogenerated interface.


redisgraph Star githubactions

A RedisGraph client implementation written in Elixir.


arcade Star Docker Cloud Build Status

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

A basic web service written in Go for publishing static software documentation (sphinx, exdoc, cratedocs) from multiple projects with multiple versions across multiple languages. The service is meant to be used by private teams and is secured by basic auth.


asdf-poetry Star githubactions

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

A plugin for version manager tool asdf for the Python package manager, poetry.


soh Star ci

workshop Photo by Thierry Milherou from Pixabay

A CLI tool for developers to assist in common and tedious tasks including (but not limited to) base64 encoding/decoding, getting system information, datetime/epoch conversion, uuid generation, secrets generation, etc.



voting Star PyPI PyPIVersions RTD

A pure python package called voting containing utility functions for disproportionality and diversity measures, electoral seat apportionment, and election quotas.


excoverflow Star PyPI PyPIVersions

A simple python package for adding stackoverflow and google search results links to unhandled exception messages in python. Inspired by this reddit post.